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Local Businessmen Find Success Through Hard Work And Prayer

If you check your timeline on your Facebook account or any other social media outlet you have seen that hat. What hat am I taking about? You know the one with Kermit kissing a trophy. In-fact that's what it's called "The Kiss The Trophy Hat". For the few people that don't know, this hat is designed by a local Akron company by the name of 7th Floor Clothing. Entrepreneurs Frank Miller and Freeze Clark collectively known as the creative force behind the success of The Kiss The Trophy Hat and 7th Floor Clothing. Frank Miller was the owner of an independent company that printed on t-shirts, hats and other types of clothing. Freeze Clark has been putting in work as a graphic designer, video editor and even music artists. Including myself, many people from the Akron Ohio area have benefited from these two businessmen one way or the other. As members of The Bme Organization these community leaders are at the forefront when it comes to re-writing the narrative regarding black men. Knowing how important it is to reflect positive imagery to the community in which they came from these gentlemen serves as a reminder that hard work and prayer can pay off. With that being said, they came up with the trendy idea of putting Kermit (the frog) kissing a trophy on a simple baseball cap. The they gave it to someone that knew NBA superstar and Akron native Lebron James. A month pasted and they didn't hear anything from the gesture.Then The Cleveland Cavilers won the NBA championship/title and the rest as they say was history. In-particular when the team arrived home (at the airport) Lebron James appeared from the plane with the championship trophy and (to Miller's and Clark's surprise) wearing The Kiss The Trophy Hat. As a result, the hat and their newly found company 7th Floor is in high demand. They appeared on local television, featured on local news broadcasts and even radio. If you are interested to purchase anything from the company you can go to 7th floor or a few local retail outlets. All in all it's good to see these local businessmen focus on their craft and then get the ultimate blessing/payoff. Until the next time, have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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