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Akron Movie Director Serves Up Success With His New Horror Film: Rhyme Slaya

When it comes to big things coming out of north eastern Ohio, it couldn't get any bigger than producer, writer, director and movie creator Maurice Thomas. Thomas and his production/film company Ghetto Hollywood has been putting in work for many years. As a director, this brother has single handily changed the level of music video production in-regards to the Akron hip hop music scene. Maurice can be credited with taking the beat from the street and making it suitable for television. As a pioneer in the visual arts (in the Akron Ohio area) he has made it possible for many rap artists to be seen in the professional light that they deserve.

As a movie producer, he is considered one of the nation's up and coming directors. With many production credits and independent films to his name Maurice is now in position to take it to the next level- with his latest effort titled Rhyme Slaya. In-short the movie is a horror/slasher film based in the eerie world of the rap game. The film follows rappers as they compete for a record deal but a slaya lurks in the shadows to reek havoc on the competition. Maurice believes that if people can enjoy black comedy, black drama and the occasional slave tale then they should be able to enjoy a scary movie by a black director.

On Friday October 28th at The Kent Stage located at 175 E. Main st. in Kent Ohio. Doors open at 6pm and the movie starts at 8pm. Come and support and celebrate with Maurice, his crew and cast. This event will have a cash bar, a raffle and so much more. Tickets will be available at the door for only $15.00. So remember, this is the only place to kick off the Halloween weekend. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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