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Hood Conscious Music with Mr.Prophecy MLX

When it comes to so-called "real" rap music, one have to be reminded of the elements that constitutes the art form. As of late, it seems that all it takes is money, drugs, half naked women and a few crimes under your belt. Now don't get me wrong, I like my share of street themed music. But I also enjoy "music with a message". One would say it's cool to rap about whatever as long as the beat is hot. Myself I truly understand why it's called rap music and not beat music. One of the main elements of the genre has been playing the background for far too long. That element that I'm talking about is simply "intelligence" or what is called consciousness.

Here in Akron Ohio, we have the perfect blend of street vibes mixed with some conscious subject matter. The movement is called Hood Conscious Music and the artist/CEO is Mr. Prophecy MLX. Also known as Martin LutherX, this brother have been putting in work on the independent level for some time now. To-date he has over 685,000 combined followers via social media. He consistently uses social media as a tool to adequately position his music and brand in the market place. It seems as if he's promoting a new music video almost every other week.

Talking to this brother, you can tell that intelligence, spirituality and consciousness is paramount. With that being said he also have a mentoring company which is dedicated to developing the mindset of young boys called PBMC (Prophecy Brothers Mentoring Company). Mr. Prophecy also believe in staying healthy and promotes eating right and working out through his other venture called On Purpose Fitness. As a trained black belt he owns and operates a security firm. With so many pans in the oven, the concept of multiple streams of income is always priority number one for this entrepreneur.

The Mix-Tape is titled Polar Opposites and you can check it on sound-cloud. Also if you would like to get in contact with Mr.Prophecy you could check him out on Facebook /Martin Lutherx. In-closing, one could listen to street dreams and tall tales from just about any rapper out there. But to hear those sames tales told with some intelligence, experience and guidance-let just say I'm glad we have an alternative to the BS. Until next time have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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