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Transformations Barber & Beauty Shop with Carmine Robinson

For those that really knows me, understand how much I really love breaking down the true meaning of words. This time around the word of the day is "Transformation". According to my (2013 college edition) dictionary, the word "Transformation is defined as: a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Now in the world of "physics" the word Transformation is defined as: the induced or spontaneous change of one element into another by a "nuclear" process. Understanding the word "nuclear"as the fundamental or interior of a thing, It is only with this Intel that one can truly comprehend the majesty of the word "Transformation".

In Akron Ohio the word has now become a brand in the form of a three location barbershop conglomerate. Transformations Barber and Beauty Shop located at 1479 S. Hawkins (on Akron's west side) is the headquarters for owner, entrepreneurial and master barber Carmine Robinson.

Carmine have been putting in work for years one hair-cut at a time. He believes in what he calls the three H's (Humble,Holy and Hungry). He said as an entrepreneur/businessman he remains hungry even after all of the success. Also staying humble and holy is paramount when it comes to this brother's character.

As I mentioned earlier, Transformations is located in three locations. One of the location's is located in Barberton Ohio and the other one is conveniently located at 88 E. Mill st. right in the heart of downtown Akron. Both locations are open Tuesday through Saturday at 10am to 6pm. The S. Hawkins location is open Monday through Saturday 9am-6pm. Any questions about pricing or appointments the numbers are: (234) 678-9929 Hawkins, (330) 615-7333 Downtown and (330) 615-7707 in Barberton.

In closing, Carmine named his company "Transformation" simply because he believes God has transformed his life completely. One can tell that brother Carmine walks with a faith that can only be described as a true believer. So if you're truly looking for the most professional barbershop in the city, thank the most high that finding it won't be hard. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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