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Imagine watching someone sharing their life stories on Facebook Live and before you know it, you’re watching them die right before your very eyes.

That’s what thousands of friends of Keiana Herndon of Camden, Arkansas experienced earlier this week, unfortunately.

“Never knew that was going to be the last breath she would take, on social media live,” said Herndon’s aunt, Barbara Johnson.

Johnson says that in the Facebook Live video you can see 26-year-old Herndon holding her 1-year-old son, Riley, and telling her followers how she wanted to go back to school. Moments later, Herndon starts to rub her face and eyes.

“She go to whipping her face and shaking her head, and I was thinking, what’s wrong with Kei? We call her Kei. She then, she fell back and then Riley picked the phone up and started talking and playing and then I hear (gasping) then I heard one more … I didn’t hear nothing else,” said Johnson.

The video ends with Herndon’s friend finding her on the floor and calling 911.

Good Lord! That must’ve been devastating to watch. The Facebook Live video has since been removed.

Herndon’s mother recalls the moment she heard about her daughter.

“I put on some house shoes and a pair of pants and got into the car and drove to the hospital. The nurse came in and told me that my baby was gone,” said Herndon’s mother, Mary Morgan.

Herndon’s family says she was the light of their life and a wonderful mother, but now the grieving family says rumors have started, many speculating about Herndon’s death. Now they want to set the record straight.

“She had thyroid problems. The thyroid messes with everything and it triggered her heart. It’s a tragedy, I know that much, and I know one thing, I would love to have my baby back with me,” said Morgan.

Herndon’s body was taken to Little Rock for an autopsy; it will be back in the family’s custody on Tuesday.

A GoFundMe page has been set up in Herndon’s honor.

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