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‘PASTOR’ KIM BURRELL, Apologizes For her Homophobic Rant

How dare she? That was my first thought after watching the video where this supposed Woman of God (Kim Burrell) goes on a rant about who will get into Heaven and who won’t. That’s basically what her anti-gay ‘sermon’ was about.

I am not gay, and I’m not Christian — but let me tell you, I am still offended, and YOU, reader, should be too. It’s absolutely disgusting when people use what should be a platform of love and inclusion, to spout their own nasty views on how others choose to live their life.

How dare you! And shame on the ‘supporters’ of this idiocy; those who can be heard sitting in the audience heeing and hawing their support.

And Ms. Burrell, you didn’t even use good sense. You did this KNOWING you were going on the television show of one of the most beloved lesbian women of the 21st century, Ellen DeGeneres?!

Girl, surely you jest.

And how stupid do you think the general public is anyway? Your ‘followup’ video, I won’t insult the act of apology by calling it one because what it actually was, was your attempt to clean up your mess after you realized what you had done…OUT LOUD!

Oh, and how much its going to cost you...Come to think of it, you’re no different than those racists who do their dirt, and then say they’re “not racist.” And ugh! To try and backstroke, while wearing that plastic grin, and suggest that just because you didn’t mention a certain term, “I never said LGBT last night, I said SIN” that this in some way makes what you did say any better.

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