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Fantasia’s 2nd Degree Burns Came from Vaporizer Accident on Tour Bus

The 2nd degree burns that sent Fantasia Barrino to the hospital happened on her tour bus when she knocked over a vaporizer in her sleep, according to TMZ.

Sources close to the singer told the website that she uses an aromatherapy vaporizer to soothe her vocal cords, and was dozing off on her tour bus Sunday with it nearby.

According to TMZ, ‘Tasia thinks she rolled over onto the machine’s cord, which caused hot water to spill out on her right forearm.

Sources say she was alone on the bus when the accident happened, as everyone else was inside the Memphis venue preparing for the show that night. As previously reported, Fantasia had to cancel her show due to the accident.

Per TMZ, doctors removed the damaged skin and expect her to heal fully without surgery or permanent scarring.

Fantasia plans to resume the tour Wednesday night in Los Angeles.


The Reporter Newspaper
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