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Local Movie Producer Shows Movie In Akron, May 19th

One thing you can't say about Akron is it's ability to produce talented people. Which brings me to my man Dray Evans. This brother is one of the most talented people in the city. He plays the guitar, and is a video editor, a tattoo artists and of-course a movie producer. His current movie that he's showing this May 19th titled100 Miles. It has generated so much attention and support that he decided to show it once again. This time, he's showing it at the main library located in downtown Akron. Dray said that "this event is used as a motivational tool dealing with many issues of today as well as an entertaining medium in the backgrounds of our home. We are geared to bringing in youth to see this film. Not only to see the realizations of life, but to also inspire kids". Dray also said that it is his hope that he will be able to take the movie/show on the road to different cities. Again, he would like people to know that this time around we as a community should sponsor a kid by bringing them to the event. Tickets are available at the following locations. Dave's Dinners 833 Copley Rd. Akron, Oh 44320. Ann's Place 1604 S. Hawkins Ave. Akron, Oh 44320. Boost Mobile 922 Arlington Rd. Akron, Ohio 44306. Wireless Depot 438 E. Waterloo Rd. Akron, Oh 44319. Again the event and showing is taking place at the main library in downtown Akron at 6pm on May 19. Check out my quick interview with Dray below. Until next time have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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