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*Usher is said to be prepping defamation lawsuits against the women (and man) who have accused him of giving them herpes. is reporting that Usher in fact, does not have herpes, despite allegations from at least four people who claim the singer failed to warn them of his alleged STD before engaging in sex with them.

The blog tracked down receipts that refute Radar Online’s original July 19 story that claimed Ursh spread the disease to Maya Fox-Davis, a bridesmaid in his wedding with Tameka Foster, and paid $1.1 million to settle the case several years ago after she filed suit.


Over the weekend, met with a credible source within Usher’s camp who provided documents and photographs that proves Usher Raymond did not pay his former babysitter, Maya Fox-Davis, a $1.1 million settlement.

A closer look at Radar Online’s report shows pieced together documents that does not include a front page. Why not?

Whenever blogs post court documents there is always a front page included that shows the names of the plaintiff, the defendant, and the lawyers involved in the case.

Radar Online reports that “The legal complaint was filed at the Superior Court in Los Angeles.”

But why can’t TMZ find the court documents? Why can’t Lisa West — the Atlanta attorney representing Usher’s accuser — find the legal complaint?

The answer is the legal complaint doesn’t exist.

I’m told that the 38-year-old crooner and his legal team are quietly building a defamation case against everyone involved — including lawyers and accusers.

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