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Kevin Hart challenged his celebrity friends to match his donation to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, and some of those celebs have responded.

Dwayne Johnson, one of the stars on Hart’s list, stepped up by donating $25,000 to the cause, matching the comedian’s initial donation before Hart kicked in another $25,000 and called out another set of celebrities to help raise money for the Harvey aid.

Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled (and Ashad), and T.I answered Hart’s call and have each pledged a $25,000 donation.

In The Rock’s video announcing his donation, he said he understands first hand what the people of Houston are going through, having survived Hurricane Andrew that struck Miami in 1992.

Also accepting Hart’s challenge was Chris Brown, who has donated $100,000 toward the relief effort and also filmed a video to convey his well wishes for the flood victims.

“I accept your challenge. We need to come together,” Brown said. “This is for everybody out there in Texas, for the relief and everything. I accept the challenge and I implore and encourage everybody else, who can change and make a change for this, to please donate and help out. Love you all.”

On Tuesday, the Kardashians announced they would collectively donate $500,000 to the efforts via both the Salvation Army and Red Cross.

“We have been watching the heartbreaking footage of the catastrophic flooding in Houston,” Kris Jenner wrote on Twitter. “Our hearts go out to the people of Texas.”

Harvey has claimed at least 10 lives, and the number is expected to rise as officials begin recovery efforts, according to the Houston Chronicle. Catastrophic flooding is expected to continue over southeast Texas for the next few days.

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