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Stephen Paddock: What You Did In Vegas Is Reprehensible, Yet You Have Helped to Dispel An Important

“I can’t even make something up. There’s just nothing.” Those are the words of Eric Paddock, the bewildered brother of Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, who obviously had no value for the life of anyone…not even himself. The surviving brother told the media that his family is in total shock. No warning behaviors, no nothing. Just shock.

“If an asteroid fell out of the sky right now, you would feel the exact way that I feel right now.” –Eric Paddock on the shock of what his brother, gunman Stephen Paddock, did in Las Vegas.

Historically we have been led to believe that someone capable of committing anything close to this type of crime has led a hard and troubled life. The “setup” is generally that they’ve had recent beef with a long-time employer; come from a troubled past or abusive relationship; and lifestyle of poverty. And they’re just sick of it and willing to take that aggression out on any damn body.

Broken and despondent, they become vulnerable and as such, are now easy targets for terrorists, hate groups, and gangs seeking new members.

But no. Not here. Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old Caucasian man, comes nowhere near fitting the profile. A retired businessman and multimillionaire of his own making, you can’t even connect what he did — killing 59 people and injuring nearly 600 — to his crazy ass, psychopathic, bank-robbing daddy.

So what the f**ck did this piece of work have to be mad about? So mad that he would just point his rifle out of a window, where people below were enjoying the earthy sounds of country music with their families, press the trigger and spray.

Stephen Paddock (pictured right) was drinking among the people in Vegas just hours prior to his evil-doings. “He had substantial wealth. He’d tell me when he’d win. He’d grouse when he’d lost. He never said he’d lost four million dollars or something. I think he would have told me.” –Eric Paddock on gunman older brother, Stephen

A total disregard for life and living is certainly one reason. He proved that by killing himself as the authorities burst into his suite. Why didn’t he just kill himself first? Why was it important for him to kill others in the process?

Eric Paddock told The Daily Mail that his brother, to his knowledge, had “no political affiliation” and also had “no religious affiliation.”

This horrific incident brings to fruition the copycat nightmare we all hoped would not occur following the Ariana Grande concert months ago. On Twitter, the singer voiced her pain.

“My heart is breaking for Las Vegas,” wrote the singer. “We need love, unity, peace, gun control & for people to look at this & call this what it is = terrorism.” –Ariana Grande

There is no rhyme or reason for this travesty. Here is a man who seemingly already had what many strive for: Time and Money.

And just look at how he chose to use it.

The Reporter Newspaper
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