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"God & Guns" with Pastor Roderick Pounds

About a year ago I did an article titled "I Believe In Gun Control....Control Your Gun. In-short, it was simply about the positives regarding gun ownership. So when I found out that I would be interviewing a local pastor from Akron Ohio about his rights to bare arms and why it's important to legally own a firearm, let's just say that I was more than excited.

Pastor Roderick C. Pounds, is the senior pastor at Second Baptist Church located at 690 S. Main street Akron,Ohio. His personal beliefs regarding guns and the black community can be seen as some what controversial. But no mater how you look at it, his reasoning and logic can not be refuted.

In-short, he believes that he's a advocate for

social justice. Understanding that a complete understanding of gun control, rights and safety info hardly ever reach our communities Pastor Pounds has made it his mission to educate and train people from our communities.

When talking to him, so many things that one wouldn't normally think about were put on the table. Such as: why isn't there any black owned shooting ranges? Why isn't any ranges located in our communities? Where are the black ownership of these types of businesses?

His main mission is to inform the community that a positive/legal alternative to gun ownership is just a phone call away. That's right, he is a licensed trainer and he would love to teach you how to safely operated a firearm. Once you go through his training/class you'll get a certificate of completion. With that, you can get your weapon's permit.

In-closing, please check out my conversation/interview with Pastor Pounds in the short video below. To get in contact with him call (330)762-6879. Until the next time, have some fun and get something done.

Check Out This Quick Video Interview Below

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