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Bad news for Birdman and maybe by extension, Toni Braxton, since they are an item these days.

Via court documents, we’ve learned that the man behind the Cash Money empire was ordered to immediately turn over the keys and security system access to his 7-bed 11-bath 20,000 sq ft compound.

Birdman, whose government name is Bryan Williams, for some time now has been in the middle of a lawsuit with Transfer Agent, a company that accused him of defaulting on a $12 million loan.

So what’s that got to do with his home, you ask? Well, the mansion — which was bought for $14.5 million in 2012 — was put up as collateral for the loan, according to TheBlast.

The court appointed person that will take control of the residence will also receive all contracts, leases, rental agreements, fixtures furniture and equipment … which includes the super comfy recliners in the theater room and the golden chairs in the luxurious foyer.

The judge made sure that the property cannot be sold or transferred until the entire legal case is resolved, but in the meantime it can be rented or leased.

By the way, if you rent the crib, you will also get full access to the below ground pool, cabana, gym, spa, in-house massage room and of course the private waterfront dock.

If you’re wondering what Birdman has to say about this turn of events, so far he’s not talking.

The Reporter Newspaper
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