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Holding It Down With Handsome Lollar

Since we've been showcasing our beautiful people and their efforts regarding building better communities, no one stands out as much as the CEO of The I Am Rich Clothing Company Handsome Lollar whom I've just got acquainted with over this past weekend.

As a young African American, he knows all too well about the everyday struggles that a young black male will have to face growing up in BLAkron Ohio. When he was younger he lost his older brother "Rich Lollar" to a senseless murder in Atlanta Ga. It is to that brother that he has dedicated his I Am Rich Clothing Company and Store.

The Store is located at 408 Storer Avenue on Akron's west side. The location works as the headquarters of his Clothing Company/brand. Make no mistake, it is the quintessential retail location that houses some of the best urban apparel and accessories that BLAkron Ohio has to offer. As a designer, Handsome definitely has his hands on the pulse of urban attitude, style, and fashion.

Having talked to the young entrepreneur and businessman I felt relieved to know that someone from that so-called "millennial generation" was so focused on bettering his community and growing his business. Feel free to stop by his store which is located at 408 Storer Ave. His business hours are Monday-Saturday 11an-10pm and closed on Sunday. If you are interested in getting in contact with Bro. Handsome you can call (330) 203-9309. Please check out my quick interview/ conversation with him in the video posted above. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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