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During Dennis Rodman’s interview with CNN from the Singapore summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un, the former NBA superstar openly wept as the two leaders met for the first time.

Wearing sunglasses and a “Make America Great Again” hat, Rodman said he had received a call from the White House ahead of Trump’s historic meeting with Kim – the first between a sitting president and North Korean leader.

Rodman later suggested to the AP that he helped lay the groundwork for the summit, joking that he “should be pushing for the Nobel Peace Prize. At least give me a piece of it, something like that. An honorable mention.”

If you missed his curiously bizarre interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, check out the clip below.

Meanwhile, The Root breaks down “what makes this interview amazing.”

Peep the site’s Top Ten List below.

1. Dennis Rodman looks like a ghost in blackface.

I don’t mean this in a racially charged way, I literally mean that Rodman looks like a pale ghost wearing a Dennis Rodman mask. Something looks off. I don’t know how you can look ghostly pale and mocha-colored at the same damn time but Rodman has pulled it off.

2. Rodman is wearing a T-shirt

What most viewers couldn’t see is that under the brilliant logo is that slogan “Peace Starts in Singapore”. Yep, that is Rodman shilling for a cryptocurrency site that hopes to become the preferred payment method for weed transactions. Oh, and the company just so happened to pay Rodman’s way to Singapore.

3. MAGA Hat

A black man in a MAGA hat is always funny to me. It always reminds me of the Klan scene in arguably (again, don’t argue with me about this) one of the best movies of all time Blazing Saddles

4. Double Nose Ring

Nothing says take me serious like a nose ring on each nostril.

5. Rodman Wore Sunglasses During the Entire Interview

Back when Notorious B.I.G. was popping I had a friend who spent a bag on a pair of Versace shades. He wore those shades everywhere. In fact he would find chances to say, “Versace shades watching ya” and then point and laugh at his glasses. It was sickening. Once we went to a club and he wore his shades inside the already dark club. I told him that he was going to have to take them off because he looked like an idiot. He said he needed five minutes with them on so that all the ladies could see that he had Versace shades before he could take them off. He also asked if I could help him find the bar. This is what I think about whenever I see grown men wearing sunglasses when they shouldn’t be.

6. Dennis Rodman Shouting Out Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman did a magnificent job of stealing the thunder from Trump and that will always be amazing. Think about it, the President of the United States is meeting with the one of the most hostile leader’s in the history of the world and the story is about a former basketball player’s interview.

7. “Obama Didn’t Give Me the Time of Day”

Rodman recounts a story of having lunch with the North Korean leader five years ago when, he claims, that he was told how the U.S. and North Korea could meet. Rodman claims that he took that message back to the states but Obama wouldn’t give him the time of day. Ummm, ya think? Obama was actually busy presidenting Rodman then to take time out of his busy day to listen to a grown man with dyed hair and two nose rings. It’s like my grandfather always said, “A man with two nose rings can’t tell me shit about shit.” Ok, my grandfather never said this but doesn’t it sound more impactful if you lead with “Like my grandfather always said…”

8. Crying and Sounding Like a Wrestler at the Same Time

I have nothing against grown men crying, in fact I encourage it. But, Rodman does something very unique here, go back and look at the video, the crying begins around the five-minute mark. Now really listen to how Rodman’s voice changes, he’s not only crying but he literally starts talking like a WWE star! This is impressive. Normally crying men sound really sad but Rodman pulls off crying wrestling star like a champ. He literally drops a “Brother” in his speech which would give Hulk Hogan a run for his money.

9. I Don’t Know What the F*ck Dennis Rodman is Talking About and I Like It

Look Dennis Rodman isn’t a politician, he’s a crossdressing former basketball player who’s loved by a short dictator with a notoriously tight high top fade. Having him do interviews about politics is a setup, we all know this. So when CNN host Chris Cuomo asks him about the North Korean leader being the perpetrator to violence and negativity throughout the country, here’s a portion Rodman’s unedited response.

“Well, you know Chris, uh, the fact that you know, I’m not a politician. I’m not sitting here trying to fight the fact that I’m on his side here 24/7. I’m not doing everything right; saying the right things to make him look like a better man; a better person. I’ve never been like that. I’ve always been like down the middle; here it is. He’s a good friend to me. That’s what I look at. I don’t see the politics of this whole situation. I want to see that to go away. I want to see us get along; have a handshake; have a smile, have a glass of iced tea. Just talk to each other; friendly. I don’t need to worry about the war stuff, and all the stuff that’s going on, I don’t know anything about that. I just want to do one thing: bring sports to North Korea, and try to bring that connection to North Korea. That’s it, sports.”

Well said.

10. Dennis Rodman is Being Interviewed by CNN About a Summit Between Kim Jung Un and President Trump

We have truly reached the last days, y’all.

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