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*Lebron James continues to make international headlines with the launch of his new school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

As noted by Forbes, The I Promise School specifically targets low-performing students and at-risk children and has been described as a palace that sends kids an unmistakable message, “We are family.”

While James is paying for part of the institution. A bulk of the costs will be funded by taxpayers.

Business Insider reported that the school will open with 240 children, each receiving free uniforms, meals, and guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron. James explained to The Wall Street Journal why providing students with a bicycle was also an important part of his mission.

“Everything I do comes from my childhood, from my growing up, and what I feel was part of my success,” James said.

“A bicycle, for me, was the only way to get around the city. If I wanted to meet some of my friends, travel across the city, go to school, play basketball—anything—the bicycle was the way I got around.”

As noted by, the exact breakdown of expenses for the new I Promise School is unclear, since the district and the LeBron James Family Foundation are still finalizing details of their contract. The district will reportedly pay around 75 percent – once it’s fully running. It will cost the district $8 million annually to operate the institution.

“This school would not have happened without the partnership with LeBron James,” said district Treasurer Ryan Pendleton.

James and his Family Foundation have donated millions over the last several years to the school district and to kids in his hometown.

In related news, LeBron James will executive-produce a three-part docuseries for Showtime called “Shut Up and Dribble.” Debuting in October, it will examine the “changing role of athletes in the current political and cultural climate against the backdrop of the NBA.”

He has another show called “The Shop” premiering on HBO Aug. 28.

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