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5 Years Of

It's been five years since CEO Brittney C. Miller decided to take matters in her own hands and start what is now considered Akron's first internet radio station. Personally speaking, should also be considered Akron's first radio station that gears it's topics and music to the African American community.

As a result of serving the community for five years with Akron's unique urban culture as the main course, it comes as no surprise that many entrepreneurs have gotten influenced, motivated and inspired to create their own platform. At the end of the day, we have to give props where props are due. Last weeks EarKandy's 5th-year-anniversary celebration did just that.

The event took place at Jilly's Music Room located at 111 N. Main St. in downtown Akron. Akron's independent music scene was represented to the next level. Akron's elite artists like Ampichino, Chino Nino and King locust was in the building doing their thing. Other notable artists such as the rapper Pow, El-Kinta, and Fella all was in the building. I also noticed quite a few local celebrities who don't necessarily do the music thing in the building as well.

All in all, for those that don't know or not that familiar with EarKandyRadio please, click the link below to see what's really going on with what they have to offer. At this time we here at AkronHipHop/Mecca Media would like to thank the very lovely and intelligent Brittany C. Miller for following her dreams and inspiring others to do as well. Until next time have some fun and get something done.

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