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Talk about some absolute BS!

Put yourself in Andrew Johnson‘s place. He’s black and a high school wrestler. He’s getting ready to do his thing, but before he can, out of nowhere the referee (who just happens to be white) tells him that if he doesn’t have his dreads snipped, he won’t be allowed to wrestle in the important match.

Oh yeah, the whole thing was caught on video!

The incident went down at Buena Regional High School in New Jersey. Johnson, wearing a cover dreadlocks, was about to compete when referee Alan Maloney stepped in and shut him down, so to speak.

Maloney told Johnson his hair cover was not good enough and gave him 2 choices — ditch the locks or forfeit the match.

So, if you was Andrew Johnson, WHAT would you do?

Well, a pissed Johnson chose the scissors — and from the video (below), there’s no doubt he was not a happy camper.

The bottom line is that Johnson went on to completely crush his opponent — but he’s clearly still upset about the hair cut … even when the ref raises his hand in victory.

OK, you probably won’t be surprised to learn there’s a lot more to the referee’s story. You see, he has a history of racist behavior. He used a racial slur toward a black man during a social gathering in 2016 and ended up getting a thorough ass whipping in the process.

Here’s more from TMZ:

The offended party (an African American man) was so pissed, he slammed Maloney to the ground following the slur.

Maloney later apologized for the incident and the body that oversees high school wrestling in New Jersey ordered him to complete a sensitivity training class.

We’ve reached out to officials at the NJSIAA — which oversees high school athletics in Jersey — so far, no word back.

Meanwhile, another racist act was uncovered about Maloney by an Internet sleuth, such as the time he called a fellow ref the N-word.

“This is the same ref that used racial slurs two years ago at an event. His name is Alan Maloney. He has been a problem for years,” tweeted Patrick Duff.

Many Twitter users are calling for Maloney to be fired as a ref.

“Call 973-214-9566 and ask Mark Sherman that Alan Maloney be fired as a NJ Ref. The treatment of this young man along with the racial slur he made 2 years ago makes him unfit. Shameful. Parents tell me he’s been awful for generations,” tweeted activist and journalist Shaun King on Friday.

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