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*Bernie Sanders campaign has released his full interview with Cardi B, which features the rapper asking the Senator about his view on jobs, healthcare and police brutality.

As we previously reported, Sanders and the Bronx rapper created the video as part of Bernie’s’ 2020 presidential campaign. Weeks ago, Cardi B asked her fans to submit questions they wanted her to ask him.

“A couple of weeks ago I asked my followers if you had the opportunity to have a question answered by a democratic candidate what would it be? I got a lot of submission and selected the most popular questions to get answered,” she said. “Stay tuned to see how he will fight for economic, racial, and social justice for all. Together, let’s build a movement of young people to transform this country. LETS LEARN OUR CANDIDATES!”

As noted by Complex, Cardi wanted to chop it up with Sanders to help boost his platform among her fans. She also wants to see Donald Trump removed from office come 2020.

“I’m trying to advocate for the youth in my community because I feel like there’s a serious problem right now in America,” she said. “We have this bully as a president. And the only way to take him out is somebody winning.”

When it comes to Sanders’ position on police brutality, he explained to Cardi that he’s all about increasing accountability for police.

“Obviously, we need to end all forms of racism in this country from Donald Trump down the local police department. We have something like one out of four young black men in this country end up in the criminal justice system,” he said. “If a police officer kills somebody, that killing must be investigated by the United States Department of Justice.”

In an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last month, Sanders described Cardi as “really smart, and she is deeply concerned about what’s happening.”

“She comes from a humble background. She knows what it’s like to live in poverty, to struggle. And she wants to make sure we can improve life for working people in the country, and I’m delighted that she is supportive.”

The Grammy-winning artist previously wrote on Twitter, “I been reading about Bernie Sanders and I’m really sad how we let him down in 2016.”

Watch their full interview via the YouTube clip above.

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