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Early this morning LeBron James and his family found themselves among other evacuees fleeing flames the hills near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Just before 4am Pacific, James, 34, tweeted that he was trying to find rooms for his family after having to “emergency evacuate” his house, calling the fires “no joke.”

Don’t worry ’cause later the LA Lakers superstar tweeted that he found accommodation and said he was praying for those affected and advised people to get to safety.

“I [pray] for all the families in the area that could be affected by these [fires] now!” James wrote. “Pretty please get to safety ASAP.

“My best wishes as well to the first responders right now doing what they do best!”

As far as the fire is concerned, early Monday morning it broke out a hillside near the Getty Museum and was moving in a westward direction. A mandatory evacuation order encompassed Mandeville Canyon and Mountain Gate and parts of Brentwood. Later, the evacuation warning area was expanded west to include parts of Topanga state park and Pacific Palisades.

Now, back back to LeBron. Seems he had another emergency of sorts during Saturday’s game at Staples Center against the Utah Jazz.

James, according to Sandra Rose, suffered an embarrassing hairline mishap during the game. The gossip site pointed out that James “typically wears a headband during games, but his headband slipped to reveal his Bigen hairline.”

If you didn’t know, Bigen, pronounced like “Beijing”, is a magical concoction of chemicals that, when applied the correct way, makes hairlines and beards look fuller, thicker and blacker.

Anyway, apparently Lebron’s application of Bigen became diluted by his sweat, and … well, it became obvious to anyone with eyes that something was not right.

LeBron’s teammate, Anthony Davis, alerted him that his headband was pushed back to reveal his Bigen hairline. Video shows Davis pointing to LeBron’s head and shouting, “I’m talking about your hairline.”

The Reporter Newspaper
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