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2019 Leaf Removal Will Begin In November

City of Akron leaf removal will begin Monday, November 4 in Ward 3. Signs will be posted in wards prior to pick-up dates. We remind residents not to rake leaves into the street until the day before scheduled leaf pickup.

For residents wishing to have leaves removed prior to or after their scheduled pick-up date, the City offers three annual free curb service bulk pick-ups. Leaves must be bagged for early pick-up. To schedule, please contact the Mayor’s Action Center at 3-1-1 or (330) 375-2311.

We ask residents to comply with the following guidelines to make leaf removal safe and effective:

  • Do not allow children to play in leaves on or near the street

  • Do not place branches or any other debris in the street - only leaves

  • Do not rake leaves into the street after leaves have been removed from your street or you may be subject to a fine

  • Do not park vehicles on the street the day before your scheduled pick-up, until your leaves have been removed

  • Do not park vehicles over leaves - heat from the underside of the vehicle may cause a fire

Each of the wards will take more than one day to complete. Leaves must be on the street by the dates listed – if they are not out, they may not get picked up. This schedule is subject to change in the event of adverse weather conditions.

Make sure to get outside and enjoy the variety of activities that Akron has to offer this fall!

  • Check out everything that’s going on at Lock 3

  • Get tuned in to the events at your local park

  • Find out what’s happening in Akron’s arts and culture scene

  • Learn about the latest events and games at Canal Park

Lock 3 and Main Street are open for business! Don’t do a U-turn because of the construction. Come down and support our downtown businesses as we work to create a more beautiful and functional Main Street.

The Reporter Newspaper
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