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Truth Bomb: here’s the rub … black men typically date the leftover white women that white men DON’T want.

On the flip side, white men generally date and attract black women who most black men find desirable, but they can’t have themselves.

Sounds a bit confusing right? Lemme try again.

In most cases, if you ever see a black man in public with a white woman – she’s probably average (or worse). Fat, pale, sloppy-looking or alarmingly thin and sickly – these are the prototypical traits of the white women that regular black men typically attract.

White men – on the other hand – no matter how much money they make or the type of cars they drive – even though both tend to be pretty good – when they CHOOSE to date a black woman, she’s usually top notch.

The type of black chick who attracts white men is usually very pretty, smart, successful, cultured, and strangely … always dark-skinned (ie. Lupita Nyong’o, Tika Sumpter, Serena Williams, and ol what’s her name from the movie “Queen and Slim”).

It’s simple.

Sisters, many of y’all have decided to experiment with interracial dating in 2020. You wanna try something new – I’ve seen it all over Facebook and Twitter. However, before you ATTEMPT to get your a Sanaa Lathan on, you should ask yourselves: am I qualified to date white men?

Actually, I should be more specific. Are you qualified to be with a desirable white man? You can always search a trailer park and get one that way. But how is dating “trailer park charlie” any different than dating a regular ol nigga from the block. Not much.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that white is better than black or vice versa. I’m saying white men have strict dating standards – especially for sisters. They ain’t checking for you – Lakisha – if you’re 65 pounds overweight, underemployed, and full of stretch marks from multiple pregnancies.

That’s right – if you’re a baby mama or a K-Mart employee, it’s probably best that YOU stick with niggas – cause John, Tim, and Dan ain’t checking for your broke, obese, shelf-stocking ass. Just sayin. Don’t fool yourselves.

Besides, how you gonna find these white dudes anyway? Last I checked – Joey and Tom aren’t shopping for clothes at the swap meet, getting checkups at the local clinic, or ordering a “fo fa fo” combo at Wendy’s.

They date “elite” black women; the ones who keep their bodies trim and fit; the ones who earn 5 and 6 figures and work in their own corner offices; the ones who come from stable homes where they were taught etiquette and values; the ones smart enough to discuss complex and profound issues that impact the world. The ones who look like Naomi Campbell.

THESE are the types of sisters who end up “dating white”. They’re refined, reserved, self-contained, self-respecting, and presentable. They’re NOT ratchet, or worse, FAT.

So again, respectfully, I advise: Sisters, before you start hunting for Trevor and Brad, before you move forward with your plans to have “pretty mixed babies,” take stock of your appearance, personality and lifestyle.

After that, ask yourselves: “am I white boy approved”? If the answer is “no” – and that’s probably the case – then you should level up before you visit the Pottery Barn to shop for a date … or you can always give LeDarius a call.

The Reporter Newspaper
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