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The Associated Press has named LeBron James its “male athlete of the decade,” and he joins a list that includes Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky and Arnold Palmer.

“You add another 10 years of learning and adversity, pitfalls, good, great, bad, and any smart person who wants to grow will learn from all those experiences,” James, who turns 35 Monday, told the AP. “A decade ago, I just turned 25. I’m about to be 35 and I’m just in a better (place) in my life and have a better understanding of what I want to get out of life.”

James’ reveal came a day after Serena Williams was announced as the AP’s female athlete of the decade.

So what has been the NBA star’s most favorite moment from the past ten years?

“There’s a lot of moments from this decade that would be up there, winning the two Miami championships, winning a championship in Cleveland, the chase-down block,” James said. “But the best moment? Definitely marrying Savannah. That would be No. 1.”

via The AP:

Here’s a typical day this past summer for James, who remains obsessed with working even though fame and fortune found him long ago: He’d wake up at 3 a.m. and be at the Warner Bros. lot by 3:45 — where a weight room and court, built just for him, were waiting. He’d be lifting by 4 a.m., getting shots up by 5:30 and be ready to start another day of shooting the remake of “Space Jam” that he has been planning for years by 7 a.m.

“That’s who he is,” said Mike Mancias, one of the most trusted members of James’ inner circle, tasked for more than 15 years with keeping James fit. the report states. “He does whatever it takes when it comes to fulfilling his commitments to everything — especially his game and his craft.”

Despite being a target of critics over the past decade, James said he has no regrets about the career choices he has made.

“I don’t live in regret,” James said. “There’s no moment in this last decade that I wish I could have back. If a situation was bad or you feel like you could have done better, then I learned from it.”

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