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Juwanna Mann’ Star (Miguel A. Nunez) Busted for Shoplifting At Supermarket

The news site reports that the actor was checking out at an L.A.

Ralphs supermarket earlier this week when his credit card got declined. He allegedly took his groceries in his cart and headed out without paying. Sources told TMZ that Miguel returned to the same Ralphs a few days later, but he wasn't allowed inside since they were aware of what he did the first time he came to shop. Cops were called and Miguel was later placed under citizen's arrest. LAPD eventually showed up and just cited him for misdemeanor shoplifting and let him go home. The news site notes that cops didn’t take him to the station due to the pandemic. Apparently, L.A. cops are not booking or jailing people for minor offenses. However, they still call it an arrest. Now, Miguel did speak with the news site to share his side of the story

The Reporter Newspaper
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