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White Lawyer Arrested After Video Shows Her Spitting in Face of Black Protester

*A 64-year-old attorney is facing charges after video surfaced of her spitting on a Black teenage boy during a protest on Saturday.

The incident occurred in Shorewood, Wisconsin, showing Stephanie Rapkin disrupting a peaceful protest over the death of George Floyd.

According to TMJ4 News Milwaukee, the incident started when Rapkin parked her car in the middle of North Oakland Avenue in an attempt to “obstruct the marches”.

The video above shows the moments leading up to the confrontation with the teen. Rapkin is seen on the sidewalk arguing with another woman. Another protester demands that she get back into her car. As the scene turns chaotic due to her defiance, a young male approaches her, and she spits on his face.

She then holds her purse tightly and yells, “Don’t touch me.”

Hours after the incident, video surfaced showing cops and Black protesters at Rapkin’s home, where an arrest was made and she was taken into custody.

According to, Wisconsin State Rep. David Bowen took to Twitter to call for Rapkin to lose her license.

Here’s more from the outlet about Attorney Rapkin:

Rapkin was licensed to practice law in Wisconsin in 1982 and subsequently obtained an LL.M. in taxation. The “About Me” section on her website reads, “She has written a number of law journal articles and specialty articles for electronic legal journals. She has taught both continuing legal education courses in estate planning and tax for practicing attorneys and university courses in probate law and business law.”

According to Urban Milwaukee, a photo shared by Public Allies Milwaukee executive director Ashley Lee, showed Rapkin being walked away in handcuffs by police officers.

Protesters were able to quickly identify Rapkin through her personalized license plate of the car she left in the street.

The Reporter Newspaper
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