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Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan Calls For Reopening Of Akron USPS Processing Facility

Akron, Ohio, Dec. 23, 2020— Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan has issued the following statement regarding the unacceptable delays in United States Postal Service (USPS) and the need to reopen the Akron processing facility:

Statement of Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan Calling for the Immediate Reopening of the USPS Processing Facility in Akron

Few institutions are more important to social, civic, and economic life in America than the United States Postal Service. By delivering everything from vital prescriptions and essential goods to absentee ballots and letters to ill or isolated relatives: the USPS is a critical, life-supporting link between citizens and their government, commerce, and loved ones. This has never been truer than during a pandemic when Americans are being asked or encouraged to shop for goods and services, connect with one another, vote, and transact business from home—which often means, by mail.

Unfortunately, many Americans will remember this holiday season as the year their gifts, cards, purchases, bills or essential paperwork failed to arrive on time. This is despite the extraordinary efforts of thousands of men and women who work tirelessly to sort, process, and deliver the mail each week. USPS leadership under this federal administration has wholeheartedly failed to invest the resources needed to support these workers and ensure that mail services can be maintained at an appropriate level given the challenges of COVID-19 and unprecedented demand.

However, there is a renewed chance to fulfill our obligation to provide a well-functioning and efficient postal service. Congress has authorized $10 billion in funding for the USPS in the most recent stimulus package. And the federal government owes it to the American people to use those funds to improve services—plain and simple.

Now is the time to reopen the Akron USPS facility as a fully operational processing center. In 2015, the Akron processing facility was closed along with five other centers in Ohio–leaving Ohioans underserved with now only two facilities in the entire state (Cleveland and Columbus). The moment that ill-fated plan was announced, the City of Akron strongly opposed the closure because we knew that the citizens of Akron would suffer.

But with the support of USPS leadership, this facility is prepared to spring back to life. Not only can the Akron processing center once again support hundreds of good paying jobs, it will also enable Akron residents and businesses to efficiently send and receive postal goods. Postal facilities and resources must be located close to where people live and work.

No citizen of Akron should worry about whether their rent or utility check will be received, whether their prescription or benefit check will arrive, or whether their vote will be counted because of decisions made in Washington, D.C. Our senior citizens, who are especially vulnerable right now—both to health risks and also to social and economic isolation—will suffer the most if nothing is done.

Therefore, I am formally calling upon Postmaster General DeJoy to immediately begin a meaningful planning process that will result in the reopening of the Akron USPS processing facility in 2021. I have also asked members of Ohio’s congressional delegation to press the USPS into action and support the reopening of the processing center in Akron, as well as other centers in Ohio.


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