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Boy, 7, Charged with RAPE in New York – Atty Calls it ‘Absurd!’

According to WNYTV, The unidentified minor was charged with third-degree rape — a felony — by state police on Tuesday.

The child, from Brasher Falls, was later released and police say the investigation is ongoing. While full details on the incident have not been shared yet, state troopers say the initial sex offense complaint was made the day before Thanksgiving of last year. The alleged victim’s age is currently unknown. The case will be handled in Family Court.

New York City attorney, who is with a group that handles youth defense cases spoke with the news site and labeled this situation “absurd.”:

“Instinctually, it shouldn’t happen that a 7-year-old – I don’t think you even could really realize what you’re doing at 7 years old. So I think it’s absurd to charge a 7-year-old with rape. They’d have to prove he actually physically committed this act, which to me it almost seems to be an impossibility,” Anthony Martone, Queens Defenders, felony youth defense unit director said.


The Reporter Newspaper
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