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Capital Hill Has Fallen

I don't know if you have been aware of what's been going on in the political arena my Brothers and Sistas, but a historical event has just recently occurred. President Donald Trump and the "Trumpsters" had recently held a "Save America" rally at the White House which spawned out of control and turned into an insurrection at the Capitol building in Washington D.C.. Kat Israel is on the job to find out all of the details to give you the BLAkron Ohio perspective on what occurred.

It's unfortunate that as African-Americans, we are subjected to double standards under the law. We have a right to peacefully protest under the First Amendment. When we choose to exercise our rights under the law, we are subjected to harsh conditions to which we are attacked by factions of government, private entities and civilians who think they have a right to harm African-Americans. So when we see protests like the one in Washington D.C. at the capital building, we feel that the laws do not apply to certain people.

During the George Floyd protests in the summer of 2020, peaceful protesters in Washington D.C. were harassed and attacked by police forces and other factions under the orders of President Donald Trump. There was even a picture of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. that was shared on social media during the George Floyd protests that showed heavily armed police guarding the property. So when we see on the news that rioters breached the Capitol building with little resistance, it shows to the world a double standard we have in enforcing the laws of the land. It also disrespects the lives of African-Americans who lost their lives unjustly with police brutality.

We have to do better as a society to make sure that our voices is heard. We need real world change so that we eliminate the "double standard" in our society.

-Kat Israel from


The Reporter Newspaper
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