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City Of Akron Expands Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) In Downtown Akron

Akron, Ohio, August 23, 2022 — Today, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan announced that the city’s application for an expanded DORA in Downtown Akron has been approved by the state and is now in place. The DORA now covers nearly 145 acres from R. Shea Brewing at 540 S. Main to Lock 15 Brewing at 21 W North St. The DORA, which was first approved in May 2020, is a designated public area where alcoholic beverages can be purchased from permitted establishments and consumed outdoors within the district. The expanded DORA now includes nearly 40 downtown establishments. See the DORA map here.

"We're very excited to now offer an expanded DORA to our residents and guests in downtown Akron," said Mayor Horrigan. "The DORA has been a huge success for our participating businesses so far and we've heard from bars, restaurants, and breweries up and down Main St. and beyond about wanting to be included. Having the larger DORA in place for the Akron Pride Festival this weekend will allow festival goers to purchase alcoholic beverages in the expanded footprint and enjoy anywhere they go within the festival grounds in downtown Akron."

See the Akron Pride Festival footprint here. Visit for all the details of the Festival.

President and CEO of Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP), Suzie Graham said, “Expansion of the downtown DORA will improve the experience and economic impact of downtown festivals like Akron Pride, allowing them to better integrate with small businesses and build a more vibrant downtown. Our downtown businesses are very excited for this expansion and we’re happy to see it come to fruition.”


The Reporter Newspaper
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