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City Of Akron To Implement 2023 Traffic Calming Program To Reduce Speeding And Enhance Safety

Akron, Ohio, May 23, 2023 — Beginning in June, the City of Akron will begin installing speed tables across the city to help mitigate speeding in Akron neighborhoods. Akron will install 21 speed tables in 11 locations based on resident requests, appropriateness of streets, and in coordination with City Council, City Departments and other stakeholders such as METRO RTA and Akron Public Schools. See a map of the speed table locations here.

Visit the Akron Engage page on Traffic Calming here.

Speed tables are raised areas placed at mid-block points across roadways which are designed to limit the speed at which vehicles travel. Unlike speed bumps, tables have tapered ends and long flat tops to accommodate the entire wheelbase of most passenger cars. Akron’s tables consist of interlocking pieces made from recycled rubberized material and will be bolted and glued into place on street surfaces.

During 2022’s pilot program, data collected showed that on average speeds were 6 mph lower while speed tables were installed. The tables were most effective when more than one table was placed on the same street. Over 1300 online surveys were received with over 50% of those surveyed indicating they supported traffic calming. View the 2022 report here.

“Speeding in residential areas is one of the most common concerns we hear from Akron residents,” said Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan. “Last year’s traffic calming program proved itself to be an effective tool to curb speeding and help make our neighborhoods safer for pedestrians and motorists alike. This year’s program will also be bolstered by additional traffic calming devices in the form of solar speed limit signs which will be installed later this summer.” Solar speed limit signs will detect speed of passing vehicles and flash the speed at the traveling motorist. They will also record that speed for data collection purposes. Locations are still being determined. More info to come.

Resident requests from previous years and speed data from the Akron Police Department helped to determine streets for the installation of the speed tables. The streets and wards targeted for speed table installations include: Crosby Street (2) and Maple Street (1) in Ward 1 – these are both reinstallations, Evans Avenue (2) in Ward 2, S. Rhodes Avenue (2) in Ward 3, Storer Avenue (2) in Ward 4, Baird Street (2) in Ward 5, Benton Street (2) in Ward 6, Glenmount Avenue (2) in Ward 7, Ridgewood Road (2) in Ward 8, Clearview Avenue (2) in Ward 9 and Caddo Avenue (2) in Ward 10. Signage will be posted to alert drivers to the speed tables.

Installation will occur in the month of June. They will be removed before winter. Residents who live on a street where the tables will be installed will be notified in advance of the exact location.


The Reporter Newspaper
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