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‘Coming to Africa’ is Coming to Theaters in Ghana – WatchTrailer

LOS ANGELES – Just in time for the holidays, the romantic comedy, “Coming to Africa,” written and directed by Anwar Jamison, is set to make its theatrical premiere in Ghana at two of the country’s top theatres.

The film will bow at the Silverbird Cinemas, both in the Accra Mall and the West Hills Mall on Friday, December 10th and Saturday, December 11th, respectively. Located in Accra Ghana, both theatres will feature a 7 and 9 p.m. showing of the award-winning film. After the December 10th premiere, there will be an after party at the Soho Bar in Accra, featuring the cast and crew.

“Coming to Africa” is a romantic comedy, which explores the themes of classism, racism and social consciousness behind the backdrop of contemporary black love. The film boasts an ensemble cast, which includes Jamison, along with Khalil Kain (“Juice,” “Girlfriends”) and Ghanaian tv and film star Nana Ama McBrown (“Aloe Vera,” “McBrown’s Kitchen”).

In this new role, Jamison portrays a Black man blinded by his personal aspirations and success; and not interested in any dialogue about the social ills of the world. Afraid to rock the boat, he’s unwilling to use his privilege and position to sound an alarm for political or social injustice. In fact, he’s adapted to his privilege culture quite comfortably, until a dose of reality and a trip to the Motherland changes his world.

Heartwarming and funny, “Coming to Africa” will transport audiences to Ghana, and watch a Black man transform his heart and soul and discover his self identity – all thanks to the power of #BlackLove.

“Coming to Africa” was shot in Memphis, Tennessee and Accra, Ghana. The romcom was produced by Ghanaian tv host PY Addo Boateng. Jamison served as executive producer. Mi Prime Entertainment and Hood Professor Productions served as the production companies on this project.

Anwar Jamison

Due to the pandemic, the film had a limited run on the film festival circuit. However, the film came up a big winner at the 7th annual Las Vegas Black Film Festival (LVBFF), which took place on August 6-9, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Making its world premiere at LVBFF, “Coming to Africa,” nabbed three Jury Awards – that is, Best Romance, Best Comedy and Best Actress. The four-day festival screened a distinctive lineup of narrative features, documentaries, music videos and short films at the Mediterranean-themed Suncoast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The romantic comedy was among the list of narrative features, competing for six Jury Awards – that is, Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Comedy and Best Romance. For the press release, visit

Currently, “Coming to Africa” is streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Google Play.

COMING TO AFRICA | run time: 95 minutes | movie synopsis Adrian (Anwar Jamison) has spent his entire adult life, climbing the Corporate America ladder and playing the necessary games to get ahead. He’s bought into the “American Dream” – hook, line and sinker — and he’s been extremely successful in the corporate world because of it. But, he’s not the most conscious brotha! As a Black man, he’s intentionally shied away from any talk of social justice and racial inequality or leveraged his position to help the Black community. Instead, he believes that the richer Black people become, the better off they’ll be in the struggle. That’s all that matters to him in his rise to the top. He’s poised for a HUGE promotion on his job, making him the first African-American vice president in the history of his company. But, racism rears its ugly head, and he gets a reality check!

On the flip side, Adrian’s brother, Buck (Khalil Kain), is a barber and social activist, who routinely holds community meetings in his barber shop. He’s fully engaged in social change and the liberation of Black people in America — that is, when he’s not cutting hair. So too is Adrian’s other brother, Adonis (Powwah Uhuru), who’s been saving up for more than a year to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary and gift his wife with the ultimate wedding gift – that is, a trip to Africa. After a perfect storm of disappointment and discrimination, Adrian finds himself in Ghana on an amusing adventure where he meets the beautiful Akosua (Nana Ama McBrown) and finds the nourishment he truly needs for his soul.


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