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Family of Shanquella Robinson Pleads for Answers After Her Mystery Death in Mexico (Video)

The family of a North Carolina woman who died under peculiar circumstances while traveling with friends is calling for a thorough investigation into her death.

Shanquella Robinson, 25, was allegedly beaten to death by a “friend” in a Mexican villa while on vacation in Mexico on Oct. 28. The friends reportedly told Robinson’s mother Salamondra Robinson that her daughter’s cause of death was alcohol poisoning. But the victim’s family was told a different story by Mexican authorities and the FBI.

“When the autopsy came back, they said it didn’t have anything to do with the alcohol,” Salamondra shared with Queen City News, as reported by Billboard. “[They] said that she had a broken neck and her spine in the back was cracked. She had been beaten.”

According to WGHP, Robinson traveled from Charlotte to Cabo in late October and rented out a villa as part of the birthday celebration for one of her friends. At some point during the festivities, one of the friends called Salamondra to inform her that Shanquella was sick and that a doctor was on the way to check on her.

“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol poisoning,” Salamondra said to the news station. “They couldn’t get a pulse. Each one of the people that was there with her was telling different stories.”

According to the savvy sleuths of social media, the group of friends has been identified as Daejhanae Jackson, Wenter Donovan, Alysse Michelle Hyatt, Malik St Patrick Dyer, Nazeer Wiggin, Khalil Cooke. One of them called Salamondra with the heartbreaking news that her daughter ultimately died from food poisoning.

“No one told the same story, so I never believed them anyway,” the mother said.

A disturbing video has surfaced allegedly showing Daejhanae attacking Robinson in a bedroom while she is naked. A man who appears to be filming the assault is heard asking Shanquella, “Quella’ can you at least fight back?”

Shanquella attempts to get away but she is slammed to the floor and punched in the head repeatedly.

“All I’ve been doing is just crying trying to figure out what happened,” Bernard Robinson said of his daughter. “I can’t even be a grandfather, can’t even walk her down the aisle, she’s gone.”

Mexican authorities and the FBI have reportedly refused to launch an investigation into Robinson’s death. The family has allegedly been advised by the agency to hire a private detective.


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