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Fieldwork Continues For Northside Project In North Hill And Chapel Hill Neighborhoods

Akron, Ohio, October 27, 2020 Fieldwork for the Akron Waterways Renewed! (AWR!) program continues with ongoing surveys throughout the North Hill and Chapel Hill neighborhoods as a part of the Northside Project. The Northside Project, which stretches from Home Avenue in Chapel Hill to Cuyahoga Street north of downtown, involves various aspects of fieldwork that will continue to the end of the year.  The fieldwork is necessary to ensure the City of Akron has the most accurate and up-to-date data to use in designing upcoming sewer projects.

Crews are performing visual surveys of downspouts and stormwater drains on private property.  Residents impacted by these inspections receive letters prior to the survey, as well as clearly marked door hangers. This work does not require entry into your home. 

Another phase of work includes dye water testing, which identifies the path of rainwater from downspouts and stormwater drains. This work includes pouring a non-toxic, environmentally friendly dye into downspouts and stormwater drains at the home/business. The dye is fluorescent (typically green) and may be visible from the street. Water used for the test is provided by the City of Akron and not the resident.

The firms who are conducting this fieldwork include Burgess and Niple, Arcadis, CTL Engineering, DLZ, GPD, Environmental Design Group, and AECOM. The field vehicles are clearly marked, and field personnel have an informational flyer to hand out should any resident like to know more about the project. Yard signs are also posted with contact information for additional questions. Workers representing the City are easily recognizable with badges and appropriate personal protective gear. 

The City recently sent letters to residents and business owners asking them to respond to a basement survey. The information residents provide in these surveys is important for sewer design. This information is only being used for the Northside Project. Residents who receive the basement survey have two convenient ways to submit their completed survey: using the pre-addressed stamped envelope provided with the letter or filling out the survey online with the link provided in the letter.  

In addition to the Northside Project, the AWR! program continues construction on other projects contributing to the progress of the Environmental Protection Agency-mandated Consent Decree. The program is 90% complete with 21 constructed projects. Three projects are underway in construction and two projects are advancing through the planning/design phase.  The City of Akron is committed to the most cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, approach to the court-mandated consent decree projects and is always looking for ways to improve the program.


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