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First-Ever All-Black, All-Female News Anchor Team Unveiled By Texas TV Station

*KCEN on Monday, May 2, introduced a new lineup forTexas Today that consisted of three Black women. With this, the news station which is affiliated with NBC has made history as the first news outlet to have an all-Black and all-female team of news anchors, according to a My San Antonio report. The station serves Waco, Temple, Killeen, and the vicinity.

The three women forming the first-ever all-Black, all-female crew are Taheshah Moise, Jasmine Caldwell and Ashley Carter, who is a meteorologist.

Towards the end of last month, Caldwell shared the unmatched news on Twitter. She let it out that she never expected to see an all-Black team of anchors one day.

“I knew there was always room for one,” she posted. “But I didn’t think that I would see three African Americans — male or female — permanently, all at one time. No way.”

From the moment the news was announced, the three ladies have been making headlines and gaining steam for this historical moment. The gesture speaks well of the network, which has had a diversity issue for the five years Caldwell says she has worked there.

“When I first came to KCEN in 2017, we did not have any African American anchors,” she told KCEN. “It was completely different.”

This lineup has also fulfilled the dreams of the ladies who used to feel left out whenever they watched various news outlets. Caldwell was one of the ladies who grew up feeling misrepresented when watching the news. Carter has also shared similar sentiments.

“It didn’t hit me then that nobody really looked like me, like the people I was watching growing up,” Carter said. “But then as I started to do it, people started to point it out, how there was not a lot of women who are Black and do the weather. It kind of added on the responsibility of, OK, I didn’t get to see it growing up, and now little girls in this area are going to see me when they wake up, and now it can become a reality.”

The three women will be on air at “Texas Todayfrom Monday to Friday, starting at 4:30 A.M. to 7:30 A.M.


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