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Homeland Security Did Diddy Things To P-Diddy

Wow, it looks like time is running out on entertainer and businessman Sean "P-diddy" Combs. On Monday March 26th, 2024, Homeland Security raided or infiltrated two of his homes across the United States. At the time of this article, P-Diddy's whereabouts are currently unknown. However, it is understood that his private jet was tracked online to the Caribbean Island of Antigua.

Shortly after his properties were raided TMZ reported that Diddy was spotted pacing outside of Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport. Some people are saying that he was uncomfortably waiting for a few more people to join him at the airport. At the time of that sighting, two of his children/sons can be seen via the mass-media outside of their Los Angeles home in handcuffs. 

It's also reported that the Federal Police/Homeland Security showed up in a powerful and intimidating way. They could be seen riding the waves coming in across the Florida waters with guns in arms. Some said that the same could be said regarding how they showed up marching down the streets of LA. As of today, many are saying that Diddy has fled the country in an attempt to gather his thoughts and to secure his safety and freedom.


I've been covering the music industry for a long time. I have witnessed a lot of wild and crazy things. I've seen artists sentenced to jail, rape charges, murders and just about anything imaginable. We've seen Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson on trial, Eazy E passing away via AIDs to see Bill Cosby being locked up and freed. At this point I thought the R. Kelly thing was "crazy". But this P-Diddy thing seems to be getting worse and worse.

Many have said that Diddy should've not paid Cassey anything, thus blaming that payoff for ultimately opening up the floodgates for more accusers to come with more "sexual misconduct" and other allegations. What I find interesting, is that there's another thing that we should be focusing on as well. In-short, when it comes to entertainers and professional athletes, some behaviors and so-called traditional "groupie benefits" should have already been considered over. 

The days of super stars enjoying some of the "quote-unquote" special benefits while on the road, abroad or even at home is now a luxury that no-one can afford.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm aware and BELIEVE that people are raped, sex trafficked and even worst. However, we are living during some crazy times. During these times we can easily see what IG models was once just have now become independent sex workers hitting men up for private (one on one) sex-shows.

 Most of these women don't consider themselves as prostitutes but will charge viewers/men for a virtual sexual encounter. Inclosing, these are some of the women that get flown out for a physical/personal encounter. At this point, regarding entertainers and athletes, these types of women are truly out for the "bag", and some will do just about anything to secure it. They would even go as far as to say that they were forced, manipulated, or even worse. Think about it. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

-Hiram D. Akeem,

Eric Bussey & Peaches Epps


The Reporter Newspaper
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