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R. Kelly Victim Says He Compared Himself to Jerry Lee Lewis, Who Married 13-Yr-Old Cousin

The Brooklyn Federal Court sex trafficking trial of R. Kelly has been a very sad eye-opener for many who once praised Kelly as a music genius.

Now, as the sordid details continue to emerge, society is faced yet again with the fruits of its inaction and unresponsiveness.

Many of us recall when R. Kelly was getting all sorts of favorable press and benefit of the doubt when he married for years. Accusations of pedophilia and abuse have been bouncing off of him for decades.

However, it appears he’s not going to wriggle his way out of this one.

During his trial, a woman named Stephanie, now 39, recalls meeting R. Kelly with friends when she was 16 and how he compared himself to late rocker Jerry Lee Lewis, who married his 13-year-old second cousin and was blackballed because of it.

According to her testimony, Stephanie met R at a Chicago restaurant in 1999.

“He mentioned that he likes young girls,” said Stephanie.

“Even look at Jerry Lee Lewis, he’s a genius and I’m a genius. We should be allowed to do whatever we want. Look at what we give to this world,” she remembered Kelly saying.

She added that she ran into R. Kelly on several occasions, even at the Rock N’ Roll McDonalds in Chicago while she was on a date with her boyfriend. She alleges that one of Kelly’s associates slipped her a note with his number while on the date.

Stephanie is the third woman to testify in Brooklyn Federal Court that Kelly sexually abused her.

She says had a six-month relationship with Kelly in that was mostly abusive.

“He would tell me to get undressed, then he would position my body,” she recalled.

Kelly would leave the room and tell her to be in the exact same position when he returned, she said.

“I would be completely naked…just waiting for him to come have his way,” the woman said, near tears.


The Reporter Newspaper
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