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Shannon Sharpe Is Sitting On Top Of the World

Shannon Sharpe can be called many things. An all pro, Super Bowl wining, Hall of Fame football player. A supreme television sports analyst. Many are now saying, he's the most sought after journalist/interviewer the nation has to offer.

 After a very successful time with the Fox Sports show Undisputed (with the very popular journalist/Tv Host Skip Bayless) Shannon decided that he wasn't appreciated enough to continue the professional relationship with Mr. Bayless or Fox Sports. As a result of that decision Shannon agreed to take his talents to ESPN and join the country's number one sports debate show (First Take) with Stephen A. Smith.

One of the reasons that Shannon decided to join Stephen A. Smith on ESPN was as simple as Mr. Smith really appreciating the quality, the dedication, and the expertise that Shannon brings to the table. Another reason was Stephen A. Smith thought that how Shannon was handled at Fox was down right disrespectful. It was that treatment (among other things) that made Stephen A. stick his neck out in an attempt to recruit Shannon as a co-host. Shannon said in recent interviews that part of him coming to ESPN was to have enough time so that he can work on his own independent endeavors during the week as well. An agreement was made and now you can see Shannon (Shay Shay) Sharpe twice a week sitting across Stephen A Smith.

When it comes to Shannon Sharpe's independent endeavors, let's just say he's the hottest name in the media game right now. His podcast called Night Cap with football great/media personality, Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson is one of the nation's most successful sports podcast. Also, his number one most successful independent endeavor is no-doubt the country's most successful and hottest platform/show called Club Shay Shay. Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay has the nation's most popular interview featuring comedian/actor Katt Williams which hit the internet at the start of the year. As a result of (making Katt Williams feel safe during) that interview and his relationship with the platform The Volume, Shannon Sharpe is now sitting independently on top of the world as the industry's number one person to talk to. Until next time, have some fun and get something done. 


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