In 2021 Lebron James Became the World Second Highest Paid Athlete After Earning $121M

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LeBron James of the LA Lakers earned a whopping $121 million in 2021, according to a just-released Forbes report. He came second behind Lionel Messi in the Forbes’ “Top-10 Highest-Paid Athletes in the World” annual report. Messi earned about $130 million.

According to Forbes, LBJ earned that much thanks to his high-paying Lakers contract, ventures with the new “Space Jam” flick, and his talk show “The Shop: Uninterrupted.” Moreover, he benefited from various endorsement deals, according to TMZ.

LBJ is now the 10th athlete ever to garner more than $100 million within a span of 12 months.

On the other hand, he has become the first NBA player to earn $121 million in a year. Interestingly, he was previously the holder of this record when he earned $96.5 million.

Apart from Messi and LBJ, there were other soccer and basketball players who made it to the top ten list. Cristiano Ronaldo took third place with $115 million, Neymar was number 4 with $95 million, Stephen Curry at number 5 with $92.8 million, and Kevin Durant at number 6 with $92.1 million. Roger Federer was at number 7 with $90.7 million, followed by Canelo Alvarez with $90 million and then Tom Brady with $83.9. Finally, Giannis Antetokounmpo clocks in at number 10 with $80.9 million. All the ten personalities at the top earned a combined $992 million.

Oh, by the way, Conor McGregor, who has always been in the top ten, didn’t make it there this time around. But he was somewhere in the top 50.

Packers Shareholder Calls Out Team for Drafting Only Black Players 


A Green Bay Packers shareholder wants to know why the team only drafted Black players for the 2022 season. 

The question was posed in a letter from a shareholder named Marilyn. It was published in President and CEO Mark Murphy’s monthly column on the team website, where he answers questions from fans and shareholders. Read the woman’s letter in full below via

A question from Marilyn, a longtime Packer fan and shareholder

Out of the 11 players drafted by the Packers in the 2022 NFL Draft none are white. I also looked at the first two rounds of 64 and found that only 11 players drafted by all the teams were white. When I Googled the question of how many white overall were drafted, Google wouldn’t answer it. I wonder why. I sure hope we aren’t going to have to hear all the whining about equity, justice and all the markings on hats and shoes and all else. I suggest the NFL is actually racist for always choosing and highlighting black players. I am sure that is why you chose Love for a QB when he never should have been chosen. I hope the Packers will play the National Anthem and fly the flag high with the planes going over as they always have. Anyone who doesn’t respect and honor our flag and our military heroes does not belong on the Packer roster. So for the 2022-2023 season, let’s just play football and leave all the politics and racism out of the stadium.

As reported by the New York Post, in his monthly column, “Murphy Takes 5,” Murphy addressed the team’s decisions in the 2022 NFL Draft, and why “out of the 11 players drafted by the Packers, none are white.”

“Marilyn, I can assure you that the NFL and particularly the Packers are not racist when it comes to drafting players,” Murphy wrote. “Our draft decisions are based solely on the players’ abilities and whether we think they can help our team.

“In case you haven’t noticed, approximately 80% of the players in the league are Black, and it has been that way for many years. There was a time, though, many years ago when teams were reluctant to draft Black players. Vince Lombardi, who was discriminated against because he was Italian, helped change things when he came to Green Bay and built the Packers into a dynasty by focusing on bringing in Black players. I am very proud of our players, both Black and white, when they speak out on social justice and equity issues. They are in a privileged position as NFL players and can help others who are not so fortunate.”

Steph Curry: NBA Star Set to Graduate from Davidson College Today

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Steph Curry is succeeding on and off the court. Thirteen years after he left Davidson College to enter the NBA Draft, the basketball superstar is finally set to graduate today with his bachelor’s degree, according to a tweet from the college.

Curry, 34, only needed to complete one semester of coursework to complete his degree, Davidson explained.

He matriculated at the college in 2006 and quickly made a name for himself playing for the Davidson Wildcats, before opting out of his senior year and being drafted by the Golden State Warriors.

“Stephen Curry has on many occasions emphasized the importance of education, how much he valued his Davidson College experience and that he is committed to earning his degree,” wrote the college on Twitter.

The three-time NBA championship winner re-enrolled during the spring semester, Davidson said, and will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in sociology along with Davidson’s class of 2022 today.

Unfortunately for basketball fans hoping to spot the athlete at graduation, Curry is not attending Davidson’s commencement ceremony today in person, according to the college.

Graduating from college is just one of Curry’s accomplishments from this week. On Tuesday, Curry became the first player in NBA history to make 500 career playoff three-pointers.