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Cleveland Browns announce 2023 schedule

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Week Date Opponent Time TV Tickets 

1Sept. 10 Cincinnati Bengals1 p.m.CBSBuy Tickets

2Sept. 18 at Pittsburgh Steelers8:15 p.m.ABC

3Sept. 24 Tennessee Titans1 p.m.CBSBuy Tickets

4Oct. 1 Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.CBSBuy Tickets


6Oct. 15 San Francisco 49ers1 p.m.FOXBuy Tickets

7Oct. 22 at Indianapolis Colts1 p.m.CBS

8Oct. 29 at Seattle Seahawks4:05 p.m.FOX

9Nov. 5 Arizona Cardinals1 p.m.CBSBuy Tickets

10Nov. 12 at Baltimore Ravens1 p.m.FOX

11Nov. 19 Pittsburgh Steelers1 p.m.CBSBuy Tickets

12Nov. 26 at Denver Broncos4:05 p.m.FOX

13Dec. 3 at Los Angeles Rams4:25 p.m.FOX

14Dec. 10 Jacksonville Jaguars1 p.m.CBSBuy Tickets

15 TBDChicago BearsTBDTBDBuy Tickets

16 Dec. 24at Houston Texans1 p.m.CBS

17Dec. 28 New York Jets8:15 p.m.Prime VideoBuy Tickets

18 TB Dat Cincinnati BengalsTBDTBD

5 Lakers Advance to Western Conference Finals


In a series in which great players on both teams showed over and over again the level they could access to control a basketball game, it was LeBron James and Anthony Davis who were able to take it up another notch to carry the Lakers to a 122-101 victory over the Warriors in Game 6 and advance to the Western Conference Finals.

You do not beat the defending champions this convincingly without high-level play on both sides of the ball, and the Lakers delivered just that. Coach Ham deployed a new starting lineup, inserting Dennis Schröder for Jarred Vanderbilt, and that change created a change pace on both ends, with increased ball pressure at the point of attack by Schröder against Steph Curry and an additional ball handler and shot creator on the other end offensively.

With a speedier and skill-heavy group on the floor, the Lakers ramped up their pace on both ends and it paid great dividends. Defensively, the Lakers were able to stay better connected with the Warriors' shooters, strategically contesting the appropriate shots while letting their lesser threats roam free. The Warriors responded with a 13-48 from behind the arc (27.1%) and 39-103 overall (37.9%) in the type of shooting performance that belies their reputations as marksmen.

Offensively, the Lakers benefitted from this same personnel, and when you combine that with the Warriors missing shots at the rate they were, the Lakers were able to race up the floor and generate shots in transition or simply get into their sets earlier and with better tempo.

The biggest driver of this approach was LeBron James, who leveraged this sort of free-flowing style offensively to relentlessly hunt the paint to score inside. LeBron scored 30 points on 10-14 shooting, and all but two of those makes came within the paint where he shot 8-9 on the night. LeBron darted up court and when he wasn't scoring directly at the rim, he was getting into post ups early where he could either score on interior shots or draw extra attention and then kick the ball out to open teammates.

To go along with his 30 points, LeBron would add nine rebounds and nine assists barely missing a triple-double in the process. Possession after possession, LeBron exerted just the right amount of control and command on how to tilt the action in the Lakers favor and he did whatever was needed -- whether as a scorer, passer, or rebounder -- to ensure his team would maintain its edge.

Snoop Dogg Joins Bid to Buy NHL Hockey Team


Snoop Dogg, the hip-hop legend and business mogul, has joined entrepreneur Neko Sparks in a bid to buy the National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators.
In an Instagram post, Snoop announced his involvement.
Snoop wrote to his 80 million fans, “It’s crazy what Neko Sparks is trying to do in Ottawa.” “I’m excited about being a part of that business team. “I WANT TO BRING HOCKEY BACK TO OUR AREA.”
According to The Athletic, the legend counts among more than a dozen investors — including numerous persons of color — in Sparks’ consortium, which is making a significant push at owning the Senators.
The final price for the Ottawa club could be more than $1 billion, making it the most expensive sale in NHL history.
If their bid is successful, the idea of Snoop being an NHL owner could be appealing.
Unquestionably one of the most popular entertainers today, Snoop’s presence could lead to unprecedented interest from African Americans, who have mostly shied away from hockey.
Sports analysts believe that if the Senators construct a new arena, Snoop could increase fans and media coverage.
Such a move would lead to massive revenue generation for the team.
The Senators play in a rink far beyond the city’s borders.
Moving the team downtown is essential for the team’s future owner.
ESPN said Sparks does have competition.
The investment of star Ryan Reynolds in The Remington Group, which is also interested, makes it a front-runner that isn’t scared off by Ottawa’s possible $1 billion offer.
There has yet to be an official date for when the sale of the Senators will finish, as the process of talking with and vetting the most qualified buyers is still going on.
“I’ve been watching hockey for about 25 years now. I’ll watch it more and more when kids that look like me play the game. But I’m not seeing it being offered to the kids over here in America. I know how big it is in Canada,” Snoop told ESPN.
“I’ve been down with the NHL for a long time. Going to games, announcing games, and being a part of the society.
“This opportunity came for me to be a part of the ownership of the Ottawa Senators, so I jumped on it. The plan that we have is to also go and build a Snoop Youth Hockey League outside of Canada, so kids in urban communities can learn about hockey, play the sport, and find ways to get into this great thing that’s called hockey.
“Right now the NBA and the NHL is having some great playoff games and the kids need to know that there is an option to play hockey if you look like me.”
Snoop also explained how his Snoop Youth Football League has helped inner-city kids and families live better lives.
He said that C.J. Stroud, who was just picked second in the NFL Draft for 2023, got his start in his football league.
He hopes to do the same thing for the Black community through hockey.
“I’m saying if we were to bring another sport, such as hockey—which is on TV, and they could see it—now these kids can learn how to play the sport, they can understand that this is another way out,” he said.
“You don’t have to play football, basketball, and baseball. Here’s another option. And at the same time, we will grow the sport, and it will grow as a Black owner being part of a big organization with majority ownership. Never done before, so it can be the first.”

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