The Bulk of NBA Owners’ Political Donations Goes to the Republican Party

The NBA owners have said the “politically correct” words when it comes to racial equality.  Yet, when it comes to putting money where its mouth is, the owners’ message of inclusivity and Black Lives Matter is questionable.  The Ringer reported recently that 80% of political donations from NBA owners go to the Republican Party.  And just over 18% go to the Democratic Party.

According to the Federal Election Commission, almost $15 million from NBA owners go to the Republican Party.  Owners who are favoring Donald Trump to be re-elected as president of the United States, have voted for him with their money.  The support for Trump from the majority of the owners comes with full knowledge that the president is not a fan of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Five owners that have donated money to Republican Party causes have included Jim Buss (Los Angeles Lakers), Dan DeVos (Orlando Magic), James Dolan (New York Knicks), Tilman Fertitta (Houston Rockets), and Juliana Holt (San Antonio Spurs), have all donated money to the Trump 2020 reelection campaign.

Jeanie Buss, left, and her brother Jim Buss at a Los Angeles Lakers news conference in 2012 (Ge

Jeanie Buss, chief executive officer and a controlling owner and president of the Lakers, departs from the giving pattern of her brother Jim.  Donating exclusively to Democratic Party causes are Jeanie Buss, along with Wes Edens and Marc Lasry (Milwaukee Bucks), Ted Leonsis (Washington Wizards), Vivek Ranadive (Sacramento Kings), and Wyc Grousbeck (Boston Celtics).

It appears that NBA owners’ monetary support goes against the NBA social and racial stance, especially since the NBA is composed of 74.4% black players.  Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said that the majority of owners and players will make political decisions based on how it benefits them financially.

“I strongly value my independence,” said Cuban, who does not donate to any political causes.  “I talk to owners and players who are ‘conservative’ when it comes to financial issues but simultaneously very ‘liberal’ when it comes to social issues.”

Browns 4-2 With Loss To Steelers 

1. Baker Mayfield bruised, sore but offers no excuses for performance vs. Steelers

Baker Mayfield didn't want to come out of the game. He understood and respected the decision Kevin Stefanski made late in the third quarter, but the competitive side of Mayfield wanted to finish what he started — even if it wasn't pretty.

Alas, Mayfield's Sunday in Pittsburgh came to an end one quarter early with the Browns on the wrong side of a 24-point deficit. It was a tough day for multiple reasons, as Mayfield threw two interceptions and took a number of hard hits one week after suffering a chest injury late in the action against the Colts.

Stefanski said he couldn't bear to see Mayfield take another hit, prompting his decision to insert veteran Case Keenum for the final part of the game. The coach wants Mayfield as healthy as possible for next week's game against Cincinnati — another division matchup Mayfield will start if he's medically cleared.

"I just did not want to see him get hit one more time, and I put that on myself," Stefanski said. "Went into this game knowing we had to keep him clean, and we did not do a good enough job, so that starts with me, obviously. He is a very, very tough player and I know he wants to fight, but it is a long season, we have a game next week and I did not feel like it was the right thing to put him back out there."

Mayfield was under constant duress from the very first series, and the Steelers took quick advantage of his mistakes. His first throw of the game went back the other way for a touchdown when he didn't spot Minkah Fitzpatrick lurking near his intended target, TE Harrison Bryant. Fitzpatrick snatched it in stride and ran it back 33 yards untouched for a touchdown that staked Pittsburgh to a double-digit lead it would not relinquish.

Mayfield's second interception came in the second quarter after he rolled to his right and heaved a pass intended for Rashard Higgins down the right sidelines. The ball didn't have enough on it, and Cameron Sutton leapt to make the interception. The Steelers turned the turnover into another touchdown, and the Browns fell into a 24-0 hole.

Asked if the injury affected his performance, Mayfield said it did not. He finished 10-of-18 for 119 yards with a touchdown pass to Higgins and the two interceptions.

"I do not know about the rankings and whatnot, but it obviously wasn't good enough to win," Mayfield said. "I have to take care of the ball. 

"A couple of basic things that I will be looking back on and need to fix it."

Along the way, Mayfield faced unrelenting pressure from Pittsburgh's front seven. He took numerous hard hits, was slow to get up after a couple of them, but never looked to come out of the game. It's the kind of toughness Mayfield's teammates respect so much from him.

"He was a little bit beat up, but when he came in the huddle, he was fine," G Joel Bitonio said. "We have a long season. This counts as one. It is not the way we wanted to play, but I know he is a tough guy. He wanted to do what he could do. We just did not give him enough time."

Stefanski said Mayfield was medically cleared to play in the second half but grimaced when he took another hard hit on the second play of the third quarter. After the Browns failed to convert a fourth-down conversion near the end of the period, Stefanski made his decision.

"I know this, I did not do a good enough job allowing him to be put in those positions," Stefanski said. "It is something that I have to do way better. I can't let him get hit like that."

2. Running game grounded against Steelers' top-ranked defense

The Browns were out-rushed for the first time in 2020 and posted just one double-digit run — a 10-yarder — while the game was still in balance.

It was a stark contrast to the previous five weeks, when the Browns rose the ranks as the NFL's top rushing team. They finished Sunday with just 75 yards, 29 of which came from Dontrell Hilliard in the fourth quarter.

Pittsburgh entered Sunday's game allowing just 64 rushing yards per contest.

"From play to play, there was a guy that got beat," Bitonio said. "It wasn't one guy every play. It was just play to play a guy got beat or someone missed their gap, and that is how you lose to a fundamentally sound team like Pittsburgh. They have a guy in every gap, and if you don't win, they are going to make a play. I can't pinpoint exactly what happened, but I think once every play, someone was messing up. We didn't play well enough today."

3. Third downs hurt Browns on both sides of the ball

Cleveland's offense couldn't extend drives and the defense couldn't get off the field. That's probably the simplest way of explaining how the Browns fell to the Steelers on Sunday. 

The Browns converted just one of their 12 third downs and were 0-for-3 on fourth downs. The Steelers, meanwhile, converted 5-of-14 third downs and were 2-for-2 on fourth downs. 

A sequence near the end of the third quarter symbolized the day, as Kareem Hunt was stuffed on fourth-and-1 inside the Browns' own 30-yard line. Just a few moments later, Pittsburgh converted a fourth-and-1 on a Ben Roethlisberger sneak to extend a drive and eventually score a touchdown.

Cleveland has yet to stop an opponent on a fourth-down attempt this season.

"Name it. I did not do a good job there," Stefanski said. "We did not get people open. I need to figure out a way to get some easy ones for the Q. We just did not have people open."

Tyronn Lue is New LA Clippers Head Coach – Anthony Davis to Re-sign with Lakers

The word around the league for as while now was that Tyronn Lue was was the Clippers choice for head coach if there was ever a vacancy in that department.

Well, now that Doc Rivers has been let go and is now coaching the 76ers, there’s obviously an opening and Clippers are signing Lue for the head coaching job.

Not only are the Clippers making news by hiring Lue, the team is also getting props for naming former Pistons and Nuggets star/newbie coach Chauncey Billups an assistant.

Here’s more via NBC Sports:

Lue gets promoted with a team that has big stars, championship expectations and internal turmoil. Last time that happened, he won a championship with the Cavaliers.

With Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and several other capable veterans, the Clippers have potential to duplicate that success. But they must improve their chemistry.

Though he failed to deliver the desired playoff success, Doc Rivers did a lot right in L.A. Was coaching really the problem? How much will Lue help? Even though Lue has an excellent record, the Clippers are taking a big risk with this coaching change.

Reminder: Leonard and George can become unrestricted free agents in 2021. The pressure to flourish is immediate.

But with a five-year contract, Lue gets the security the Lakers didn’t offer last off-season. (That worked out well for them.) This also adds juice to the Clippers-Lakers rivalry.

Speaking of the Lakers, we’re also reporting that the teams other superstar, Anthony Davis, plans to opt out of his $28.7 million player option and re-sign with the Lakers.

Yes, passing up $28.7 million is a HUGE deal (literally and figuratively), Davis stands to make much more on the open market. The Lakers can offer him a five-year, $202 million deal in the offseason, more than any other team can .

Davis and his agent, Rich Paul, will meet with the Lakers in the coming weeks to discuss terms of Davis’ new contract, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

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