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Black Thought, live with Hiram Akeem (Vol.1/A)

Regarding the current state that we as a people find ourselves in, someone asked me "what can a normal person do to help effect change". I acknowledged that I've noticed all sorts of positive posts being positioned on social media. In-fact I thanked him personally for sharing some good intel and information via Facebook. He told me that he didn't think know one really noticed his posts. I then assured him that many people noticed and he was doing a good job and to keep the posts coming. It was then that he realized that a normal person (like himself) can and is effecting change one post at a time. With that being said, that is what this program is all about. We are simply trying to do our part and effect change for the positive. Every Tuesday we will post a new show/program via social media. and on this site. This week on the program we have Student Minister Stephen Muhammad representing The Nation Of Islam. I have a lot of respect for this brother and I think you will enjoy him to. Also if you are interested in being featured on the program to promote you, your business, music or movement contact us at Until the next time, have some fun and get something done.

-Hiram Akeem

The Reporter Newspaper
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