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Program Gives Millions of Low Income Families Internet Service for Just $10

The largest broadcasting and largest cable television company in the world has just announced that they will be expanding their $9.95 per month Internet service so an additional 1.3 million low-income families will have Internet access. Comcast has been offering the low-cost service to poor families since 2011.

Expanding again

Since 2011, Comcast has enabled more than 600,000 low-income families, or a total of 2.4 million adults and children, to connect to Internet service. The program is called Internet Essentials, and it was previously available only to qualified low-income families who had children in school. Next, Comcast began expanding the market to allow low-income seniors and low-income community college students to qualify for the program.

Having children is no longer a qualification

But this is the first time Comcast has allowed low-income families without children to qualify for the low-cost Internet access program, including adults living in HUD-assisted homes. The expansion will add an additional 1.3 million low-income households to the program.

Since the Internet Essentials program began, Comcast has expanded it 9 times so more low-income families and individuals will be able to receive Internet service.

To find out more about Internet Essentials, including eligibility requirements and how to sign up, go to

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