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Heroin Epidemic Takes Center Stage At Loc 3

On Tuesday 8/9/2016 Loc 3 in downtown Akron Ohio was the place to be. More than a thousand people showed up for an awareness rally regarding the city's heroin epidemic. During this summer season, the city have already seen over 236 overdoses alone. So far this year more than 63 people have died from drug overdoses. The Akron police chief says that many of the overdoses in the city comes from heroin cut with carfentail, a wildly powerful opiate commonly use to sedate elephants and rhinoceroses.

An ex-user and outspoken personality Bill Pfaff took to social media to speak against this current epidemic that the city is facing. He was receiving so much attention with his outspoken posts that the city of Akron reached out to him and opened up Loc 3 for his awareness rally.

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