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Real Scary Video Of A Cop Pulling His Gun On A Guy Threatening His life.

Two new videos surfaced on the Internet Thursday that has us wondering if we need to add working while black to that laundry list of offenses that will get you shot and killed by the police.

EUR columnist and well-known journalist and social commentator Jasmyne Cannick detailed the horrific story of African-American private investigator Ken Sheppard on her blog–along with two videos you have to see to believe–including one of the cops actually conspiring on what to charge him with when they realize they can’t arrest him for anything!

Sheppard’s case is making news because last week a jury of 8 declined to find the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in question guilty–of anything.

Take a look and tell us what you think.

We warn you now, prepare yourself.


The Reporter Newspaper
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