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First 2016 Presidential Debate Smashes Twitter Records (Watch Top Moments)

*Official numbers won’t be released until later today, but Twitter has already announced that Monday night’s first head to head showdown between 2016 presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the most-tweeted debate in its history.

(The 2012 presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – when Twitter was still a private company – became the most-tweeted political event in Twitter history with 10.3 million tweets during the 90-minute broadcast.)

The moment that sent the most folks to Twitter last night came when Trump said he has a good temperament. His comments about stop and frisk were the second-biggest Twitter moment of the night, followed by his exchange with Clinton around their plans for defeating ISIS.

A Trump tweet from November 2012 in which he blamed the Chinese for global warming was the most-retweeted post of the night. It came after he told Clinton that he never made the claim.

Trump also had the largest share of conversation from the night, with 62 percent. Clinton had just 38 percent of the conversation.

The most-tweeted topics during the debate were the economy, foreign affairs, energy and the environment, terrorism and guns.

The Hollywood Reporter has compiled the debate’s top moments in a video. Watch below:

The Reporter Newspaper
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