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Major Comic Book Artist "Damion Kendrick" Calls Akron Home

If you didn't know, comic book movies are taking over at the box office. Within the pass few years movies like Deadpool, Batman vs Superman, Captain America are just a few that's helping to put comic books and it's entire culture back in the forefront of pop America.

Locally, comic book artist Damion Kendrick has been doing the before mentioned task for some years now. As the founder of his own comic book company (Damage ARTS) he can be considered the city's authority on all things comics.

Not only is he a national independent publisher, he has been and still is an avid comic book fan. Crediting the caped crusader (Batman) as his favorite, he still have enough love to spread around for other comic book heroes.

Regarding Damage ARTS, he said that he will be publishing more releases in the near future. After another Comic Con weekend here in Akron, it comes to no surprise that we are conducting this interview downtown at Rubber City Comics located on 74 E.Mill st. Rubber City Comics is a comic book store and the city's hottest spot for the comic book community. This place has everything one can image regarding the comic book culture.

Damion's work ethic and persistence could be seen during Comic Con weekend as he was front and center at Rubber City Comics putting in work/showcasing his art and talent. Knowing how talented this guy is makes me feel privileged and proud that he calls Akron home.

In-closing, the city have seen the likes and talents of Lebron James, Shawn Porter (pro boxer) and recording artists from James Ingram to Ampichino. Damion Kendrick is that type of professional and talent that should be respected as such. Until next time have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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