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Akron Police Department Awarded $6,000 For Programs Aimed At Youth Hidden in Plain Sight and Do the

Akron, Ohio, December 2, 2016 — The Akron Police Department has received a $2,500 competitive grant through the Akron Community Foundation Health and Human Services Community Fund grant for the Police Department's "Hidden in Plain Sight" program. The Howard Atwood Family Fund will be matching the grant with an additional $2,500. Hidden in Plain Sight is a popular interactive program adapted by the Akron Police Department to help parents identify signs of dangerous or illegal behavior in their children, particularly substance abuse. Through a hands-on exhibit resembling a teenager's bedroom, officers illustrate how everyday items such as deodorant and a computer mouse can be used as drug and alcohol paraphernalia. The program, offered free of charge, takes place during Akron public, private, and charter school Open House sessions, PTA meetings, and community events and is also available upon request. "I'm pleased to announce additional funding for this worthy program. With the opiate epidemic affecting so many families, it is critical that we continue to focus on addiction prevention, particularly among our young people," Mayor Horrigan said. "No parent or guardian wants to believe that their child could be engaging in dangerous or unhealthy behavior, but it is important to learn the signs and start an honest and informed dialogue about what our kids are exposed to and how to spot and address risky behavior." The City also received a $1,000 grant through the Akron Community Foundation's Millennium Fund for Children for the Police Department's "Do the Right Thing" program. Do the Right Thing is a program dedicated to rewarding students within the community whose behavior and attitude deserves recognition. Recipients of the honor are rewarded with a $50 gift card. Children are nominated for behavior that makes them a positive role model for their peers, or for a specific accomplishment or a noteworthy deed.

"This program is a great way for the Akron Police Department to recognize the achievements of our remarkable young people, while helping to build self-esteem, promote a healthy lifestyle, and dissuade them from getting involved in drugs, violence or crime," Mayor Horrigan said of the program. "This grant funding will allow us to continue to let children know they are valued members of our community and that their hard work, courage, and kindness do not go unnoticed." To nominate a child for the Do the Right Thing award, submit a Nomination Form (found at jibrary/files/Ob62c6ea212f7d1f/dotherightthing.pdf) to the Akron Police Community Relations Division. Contact Lt. Rick Edwards at (330) 375-2390 for more information.

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