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Theresa Battles-Burton is Abundant Life Quality Care LLC.

Every now and then I come across people that's really making a difference in the community. Which is exactly what Theresa Battles-Burton is doing everyday with her Abundant Life Quality Care LLC. In short, Abundant Life Quality Care is a full functioning operation located at 1815 W.Market St suite 301 in Akron Ohio. The core of the operation centers around the developmentally disabled (DD) community.

On the daily, Theresa, her staff and volunteers provide a much needed service for individuals who has autism, epilepsy and other developmental issues. At the location, these individuals are given the necessary tools that are conducive to elevate their quality of life. Theresa feels that what her program has done and continues to do will ultimately make society (as a whole) a much better place.

Specifically the before mentioned individuals are taught vocational skills, arts and craft, and job training. With Theresa's over 16 years of experience and 4 years owning and operating her own establishment makes Abundant Life Quality Care a premier location in the DD community. In-closing, I took the liberty to look up the definition of the word "abundant" and the meaning perfectly describe Theresa's mission and movement. In short, abundant simply means Existing or available in large quantities or having plenty of something. Well let's just say with everything that Theresa and her establishment offers the community as a whole "Abundant" is the perfect word for what is going on at 1815 W.Market St suite 301 in Akron Ohio (234) 678-8190. Until next time have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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