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Jury Scam Advisory to Summit County Residents

Summit County, Ohio: Summit County Common Pleas Court Administrative Judge Amy Corrigall Jones announced today that Summit County residents should be aware of a jury scam occurring in Summit County. The Court is issuing this advisory to warn citizens of an on-going jury scam in which residents are receiving telephone calls from individuals representing themselves as law enforcement and requesting payment or personal information. The caller refers to some type of discrepancy in regard to jury service and then demands payment to clear up the matter. Law enforcement will not initiate telephone communication with residents about jury duty nor require payment over the phone in regard to jury service. Citizens are encouraged to protect themselves from becoming a victim of this scam. Summit County residents receiving a call regarding jury duty should never provide financial information, including bank account information and credit card numbers. If you receive such a phone call, it is recommended that you make a note of any caller identification information you can gather and then contact local law enforcement. If you have already provided confidential information to someone who identified himself or herself as a representative of law enforcement, you should take the necessary steps to protect your identity.

The Reporter Newspaper
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