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Jobless Rate For Black Men Climbs As Job Creation Slows

The August unemployment rate for black men 20 and older went up as U.S. job creation slowed. The jobless rate for black men was 7.8 percent in August, up from 7.0 percent in July, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

However, the jobless rate for black women 20 and older was 6.4 percent, down from 6.5 percent in July. The overall black unemployment rate for men and women was 7.8 percent, up from 7.4 percent, much higher than the jobless rates for Asians (4.0 percent) , whites (3.9 percent) and Hispanics (5.2 percent), BLS reported. The country's non-farm businesses added 156,000 jobs in August, well below the monthly average of 176,000 for this year through the month of July. The Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that Hurricane Harvey did not have any discernable effect on August's job numbers. Jobs were created in manufacturing, construction, professional and technical services, healthcare and mining. The overall unemployment rate was 4.4 percent.

The Reporter Newspaper
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