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Governor Candidae Picks Mosley-Samples as Lieutenant Governor Runningmate

Former U.S. Representative Ohio Dennis Kucinich stepped onto the stage of Burning Bush Church in Akron to announce Tara Mosley-Samples as his Lieutenant Governor for the state of Ohio.

Before making his announcement Kucinich who was also a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States Presidential elections, gave recognition to his wife Elizabeth who he claimed would make a great "First Lady" Governor.

He went on to say that "anyone who wants to be Governor of the state, "must share his aspirations to the people of Ohio and someone who has a sense of concern about city and state."

The Governor hopeful said, "I've given it a lot of thought to the person who would be necessary to keep the movement going, and someone who has the passion and the fire and determination to stand up and speak out for people....and I've found her."

He described Tara as "visionary, woman of great experience and a fine public servant. Kucinich also added that having a black woman join his ticket demonstrates his commitment to diversity inclusion as governor.

Amongst a round of applause and the chant of "Black Women Lead," Kucinich' running mate Tara Mosley-Samples entered the stage.

Samples humbly shared her story about her trials and tribulations of being a mother of two, while still in high school and married with four children by the time she was 23; trying to get through college.

She described her journey as "Ups and downs/High's and Lows" while willing to do more for others along the way.

She gave retired Attorney Ed. Parms as the first to reach out to her during her struggles, giving Tara the chance to work at his law firm. "He understood the desire that I had for my life and I will be forever grateful to him."

Samples stood before her supporters saying, "I'm completely honored and humbled to stand beside Congressman Kucinich to say 'hello Ohio...I am Councilwoman Tara Sample and I am now a candidate for Lieutenant Governor for the state of Ohio."

Calling it the Kucinich/Samples ticket, she said they'd hit the ground running to "deliver our message to each and every Ohioan, letting the people know that they matter and their voices would not go un-heard."

Tara said she and Dennis both understand what it means to wonder where a next meal will come from or the decision to pay the rent or feed your children. "We also know what it means to live in a neighborhood where gunfire is a part of everyday life," said Tara.

She said they know what it's like counting pennies to make ends meet or having to get food from a local food pantry. "I know that feeling in life where you don't matter."

Samples claimed, this is the time when the people must take back their government. "This is a moment where there must be a shift in power."

Ohio workers rights, criminal justice reform and peaceful communities were amongst the concerns both vowed to tackle.

Assuring those present that they are the winning ticket, Samples ended her message with a plea for campaign support of volunteers to knock on doors, making phone calls "and your contributions" she made sure to repeat.

Former federal consumer watchdog Richard Cordray joined forces with former congresswoman and Obama-era official Betty Sutton in the Ohio governor's Democratic race as well.

Your Reporter Newspaper asked about the race against Sutton/Cordray. "We're going to run a clean positive race," said Tara. "It's not about the politics, it's all about the people."

The question also asked was how much of a role if any does former Ohio Senator Nina Turner, who is also great friends with Samples play in all of this?

Samples replied, "Well, Nina is a present of our revolution so we have to go through the process like anybody else to get that endorsement and Nina respects that process."

"As a Bernie Sanders delegate and Nina being a great supporter of Bernie as well, we hope to bring those supporters on board to help us knock on doors...that's our 30,000 strong right there."

According to Kucinich, "She's spiritual, understands politics, she's a public servant who knows life and government...It didn't take me but five minutes to decide she was the right choice as my running mate," he told your Reporter.

Former Akron City Council At-Large Michael Williams who support the Kucinich/Samples team stated, "This is a chance for Tara to take what she has learned in life and from representing the people to the next level."

"There is no question that the Kucinich/Samples ticket is the one that is focused in on the regular people...those who are being challenged each and every day...I'm proud for Akron and for Ohio."

Pastor De'Juan Kelker of Burning Bush Church in Akron is Tara's minister. He shared, "It's an awesome time for us and we do believe she's going to be able to make a big difference with Kucinich. Therefore, she has the church's support."

Pastor Greg Harrison of Antioch Baptist Church in Akron want to give it some time before making his decision for Ohio Governor. "I'm honored to be invited but I want to hear the platform," he said.

"It's not always about the person but about the issues of true reform and social justice...I want to study the candidates to educate myself in order to make a decision."

Others who will be running for Ohio /Lieutenant governor are ex-state lawmaker Connie Pillich, State Sen. Joe Schiavoni and Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neil, all who aim to succeed term-limited Republican Gov. John Kasich.

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