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BlAkron Ohio Talks & Decodes Black Panther

Ever since the movie Black Panther hit the big screen it seems like more and more people have took the time to decode, decipher and examine the film. Personally I've watched a "crazy" amount of hours from different people promoting their perspectives.

During my studying and watching I've noticed that no one from these neck of the woods have not participated in any decoding or deciphering via any social media outlets. With that being said, we here at AkronHipHop have decided to call up four people that we know have seen the movie more than once. Also we know that these four brothers have different views about the film.

My man "Bounce" who is the owner of Undaground Wrestling said that the film started off kinda slow. Master teacher and author Kofi Khemet makes the connection from the fairy tale land of Wakanda to a very real Ethiopia. Brother Darryl is an artist and a comic book collector from way back. And last but not least, my brotha Ace who always finds the artistic merit to a thing.

In-closing, we ask that you sit back and enjoy a good historical and spiritual build from four brothers who eat, drink and sleep BLAkron Ohio. Please check out the conversation/video posted just below. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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